Travel Advisories


Ontario Northland understands the importance and responsibility of getting our passengers and parcels to their desired locations on time without compromising safety. At Ontario Northland, we take pride in making every effort to ensure that our service will run every day as scheduled.

Ontario Northland is constantly monitoring road and weather conditions. This may lead to Storm Warnings being issued, affecting certain routes. When a storm warning is issued, current and/or imminent weather conditions may cause hazardous travel conditions resulting in the possibility of any of the following scenarios:

  • Ontario Northland service will be delayed
  • The service will be interrupted enroute
  • Ontario Northland service will be cancelled

If your schedule allows, we suggest that you postpone your trip until a later time when the warning is lifted. During a Storm Warning, Ontario Northland will rebook your ticket to a later date at no charge. Passengers scheduled to travel on a route that is cancelled due to a Storm Warning (Travel Advisory) will be entitled to a refund. If your route is not under a Storm Warning, standard transaction fees will apply for eligible tickets.

If a passenger decides to travel under a Storm Warning, Ontario Northland will not accept responsibility for any additional costs incurred due to service delays, interruptions, or cancellations. Please ensure that you have planned by taking the following action:

  • Notify anyone who will be picking you up, that delays may occur
  • Ensure that you have additional cash or a debit/credit card to cover any additional needs which may arise

If you decide to leave now, you accept responsibility for any additional expenses that may occur as a result of a delay or interruption of service, as well as any other possible inconvenience. This may include an overnight stay at a hotel.

Please note that unaccompanied children cannot travel when a storm warning is in effect with Ontario Northland.

How will passengers know if a Storm Warning has been posted?

In the event of inclement weather, Ontario Northland advises passengers to regularly check If a Storm Warning has been posted for any route, a Travel Advisory will appear on the website.

Ontario Northland route information can also be obtained by:

  • Phone 1.800.461.8558
  • Email us by visiting the Contact Us section
  • Contact a local Ontario Northland Station or agency through the Station Locater tab
  • Follow us through social media via Facebook and Twitter