Ontario Northland and Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Division 910 Reach Tentative Agreement

Monday, October 26th, 2020, North Bay, ON - Ontario Northland and Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Division 910 are pleased to announce a tentative labour agreement has been reached.

Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Division 910 represents approximately 70 employees working as Motor Coach Operators, Operator Labourers and Dispatchers.

“We are very pleased to have reached a tentative agreement,” said Danielle Baker, Director of Human Resources. “A five-year labour agreement with Teamster’s Division 910 allows us to continue to provide safe and reliable motor coach services to the Province.”

“It was great to share this new agreement with our membership for review and consideration,” stated, Paul Boucher, TCRC Executive Member. “The agreement addresses a number of topics that were important to members with a focus on quality of life. In the transportation industry, families are affected, which was recognized by Ontario Northland and the majority of issues addressed in this round of bargaining.”

Details of the agreement will not be released until the members of the Teamsters Division 910 have had an opportunity to review and vote on the tentative agreement.

Ontario Northland moves people and goods throughout northeastern Ontario. Last year, Ontario Northland fulfilled over 298,000 passenger trips on its motor coaches and handled over 100,000 bus parcels.


For more information about Ontario Northland please contact:
Renée Baker,
Communications Manager
renee.baker@ontarionorthland.ca or 705-472-4500 ext 530

For more information about Teamsters Canada Rail Conference please contact:
Paul Boucher,
TCRC Executive Member
gc@tcrc-central-le.ca or 613-955-1609