• Refurbishment of the Polar Bear Express Train Begins


    For Immediate Release: November 17, 2014

    Refurbishment work has begun on Ontario Northland’s Polar Bear Express. The train that connects Cochrane to Moosonee will feature new equipment with leather seats, accessible washrooms, modern flooring, luggage space, dining cars and much more. The train will also provide an electrical/USB outlet at every seat and we will continue to offer lots of leg room and storage areas for personal belongings.

    The project includes the refurbishment of:

  • Transformation Update

    On April 4, 2014, the government announced new direction on the transformation of the ONTC. Under this direction, Ontario will continue to operate motor coach, the Polar Bear Express, rail freight and refurbishment services of Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) as a government-owned transportation company. The province will make new strategic investments to ensure ONTC’s transportation services and infrastructure continues to support economic growth in northern Ontario.