Motor Coach - Fare Adjustment

To all of our valued customers:

Please be advised that effective April 30, 2019, our Motor Coach fares will be increasing by 1.5% to adjust for inflationary pressures and rising operational costs. At the same time, Ontario Northland will be adding a $2.00 transaction fee to the purchase of tickets to help offset banking fees and administration costs, and in response to a growing request from customers for value-added services. The transaction fee will apply only to each transaction when the payment is processed.

Examples of how the $2.00 transaction fee will be applied:

  • 4 tickets purchased and paid together at the same time
  • 2 one-way tickets or 1 return ticket purchased
  • 1 one-way ticket purchased

In order to continue to deliver reliable transportation services, Ontario Northland must find solutions to make services sustainable. Ontario Northland is committed to continually improving its transportation services and providing value to our passengers. Our quality service features include complimentary Wi-Fi on our buses, new equipment, online ticketing, bus tracking and comfortable seating.

We appreciate your understanding of these necessary changes and thank you for your ongoing support of Ontario Northland.