Cochrane Station Parking

To all our valued customers:

Effective June 28th, 2018 Ontario Northland has revised its short term parking policy to meet customer requirements and provide convenience when travelling on our service. We continue to maintain a secured vehicle key management system which offers long term parking solutions (longer than 4 days).

This policy is necessary to ensure customers and employees have access to short term parking (4 days or less) at the Cochrane Station.

Station Inn Hotel Guests

Hotel guests will be instructed to park in designated hotel parking spots for the duration of their stay. All guests will be issued a parking pass that must be displayed in the front vehicle window.

Passengers, Customers and Other Guests

Parking for passengers, customers and other guests will remain available at the Cochrane Station for those wishing to park for 96 hours (4 days) or less.  

Long-term parking (greater than 96 hours) options  are available where you can park for up to seven days at the lower parking located on 2nd St.,  or store your vehicle  with HMS Storage - 705-272-9215 or


Vehicles parked in a designated area without the appropriate parking permit, and vehicles parked beyond the permitted 96 hours, will be towed at the owner’s risk and expense.

Please make arrangements for long-term parking through HMS Storage 705.272.9215 if you plan on parking your vehicle for 96 hours (4 days) or longer.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Q1: Will I be able to park my vehicle at the Cochrane Station?

A:  Yes, public parking at the Cochrane train station will remain available to passengers, customers and guests wishing to park their vehicles for less than 96 hours or 4 days.  


Q2: Where can I park my vehicle?

A: Public parking spaces are available throughout the Cochrane Station parking lot. Please refer to the parking guide if you are unsure where to park your vehicle. A copy of the parking guide is available at the ticket desk and on our website.


Q3: Where can I park my RV/Bus/Transport or longer term parking?

A: Larger vehicles such as RV’s, buses and transports are required to park their vehicles in the lower parking lot located on 2nd Street (across from the Cochrane Station). This lot will also accommodate vehicle parking for up to 7 days. Please note that this parking lot is monitored as well and vehicles will be towed if they surpass the 7 day limit.


Q4: What if I’m planning on leaving my vehicle parked at the Cochrane station for longer than 96 hours?

A: Passengers are strongly encouraged to make arrangements with HMS Storage to avoid vehicle towing fees.


Q5: Will the Cochrane Station parking lot be monitored?

A: Yes, the Cochrane Station parking lot will be monitored and patrolled daily beginning March 1st, 2018. A list of towed vehicles will be posted on the HMS kiosk located inside the Cochrane Station lobby.


Q6: Who do I contact if my vehicle is towed?

A: Arrangements for vehicle retrieval and payment will need to be made with HMS Storage 705.272.9215.


Q7: Where will my vehicle be towed?

A: Vehicles will be towed and stored at HMS Storage. 


Q8: Will I be able to drop off my vehicle keys at the Cochrane Station for long-term parking and vehicle storage purposes?

A: Yes, a secure key cabinet will be available to HMS customers wishing to drop off their vehicle keys for long-term vehicle storage. Please contact HMS 705.272.9215 to arrange for long-term vehicle parking and storage needs.